Yin Yoga Anatomy Theory

Yoga student Ashley Meyer said to us, “I was taught at a Yin yoga anatomy theory at a workshop that my bones aren’t meant to bend in a way that would allow me to do certain poses. They told me I will never do the splits, but it’s not my fault, it’s my bones. They showed me other ways to practice, and I trusted them. I continued doing my daily yoga practice, becoming more flexible then I have ever been, but with a belief that there was a limit to what I can do." In response to Ashley's experience, I asked one of Paulie's students who is a real doctor what he thought of this Yin yoga anatomy theory. He replied: "It is not possible to predict what a person may physically accomplish by observation, medical examination, X-ray of skeleton, MRI or other imaging devices.
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Yin yoga anatomy

Yin Yoga The Healing Art of Paulie Zink

This practice is designed to take us out of the obsessive thinking and judgmental mind in order to restore and to enliven our primal essence that modern convention has alienated us from in many ways. It is our birthright, the wild spirit of keenly attuned senses and empowered physical awareness that is unfettered by social conditioning and which returns us to being in harmony with the natural world, with her rhythms and cycles.
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Yin yoga the healing art

Yin Flow Class

Streaming Yin Yoga Flow class with Paulie Zink presented by Yoga International magazine. The true art of Yin yoga is all about flow. The purpose of still postures is to develop the flexibility to enable fluidity and grace in movement. As you grow you will flow,...

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Phoenix Flow

The Phoenix is a mythical bird that is reborn from its own ashes; it symbolizes longevity and regeneration. The Phoenix embodies the FIRE element, the energetics of rising upward above the earth, of being ungrounded, the quality of lightness and free form spontaneity in movement. Picture yourself running barefoot across a paved parking lot on a very hot summer day; imagine how your feet would barely touch the ground and your gate would be brisk and springy.
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yin flow

Paulie Zink Yin Yoga Founder

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