Kung Fu

Paulie Zink’s HONORS

Hall of Fame, Kung Fu Artist of the Year, 1989
Black Belt

Hall of Fame, Lifetime Achievement Award, 1987
Martial Arts Magazine

Hall of Fame, Competitor of the Year, 1983
Inside Kung Fu Magazine

Long Beach International Karate Championships, California
(Non Combative Divisions)
Grand Champion Empty Hands, 1981, 1982
Grand Champion Weapons, 1981, 1982, 1983

Master Paulie Zink’s advanced students
who are approved by him to teach
Monkey Kung Fu:

Lloyd Tamanaha
Craig Bacolm
Jim Muse Furtado
Dr. Elba Serrano
Heather Baefsky
Jeannine Warren (deceased)
Diane Silva
Scott Conley
Damon Honeycutt
Anna Maltese
Russel Morgan

Paulie Zink Yin Yoga Founder

For information about
Paulie Zink’s Yin Yoga Teacher Training workshops, Yin Yoga Certification Courses, Yin Yoga DVDs, and other inquiries, please contact Maria Zink at
[email protected]