Develop flexibilty faster than ever before.
Recover from chronic injury or impediment.
Awaken the power of your primal spirit that is so often suppressed by cultural and technological conditioning.

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Yin yoga founder  PAULIE ZINK

Yin yoga founder PAULIE ZINK

has been a master teacher of
primal flow
animal movement
for over forty years.
He embodies both relaxed kindness and powerful agility.

“Paulie’s True Yin™ yoga is a most efficient way to get immediate results, no matter what your level of skill, whether you’re an expert or a complete beginner. I think this is the fastest way to get results because Paulie teaches the kind of stuff that typically gets left out of yoga. Paulie’s True Yin™ yoga is really a form of mobility training. For me, what’s important about it, is how it brings out people’s primal spirit; it helps people reconnect with their primal energy and their playful nature. And this is a powerful and joyful experience. It could be the most fun you will ever have doing yoga.
It certainly is for me.”

Dave Woynarowski, MD

Certified Member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine,
Owner The Longevity Edge Supplements,
Dr. Dave attended Paulie Zink’s Yin Yoga Certification training

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is based upon the postures and movements of animals. This practice is much deeper than just mimicking animals.

It’s about embodying the energetic qualities of the five elements and various creatures and bringing forth the power of our primal nature. 

“I loved doing Hatha yoga, but I was disappointed in that it was limited in the ability to flow and to actually open up to an art form.  I wanted to create something that was completely free and open and imaginative.”

Streaming Yin Yoga Teacher Certification Course

Paulie’s Yin yoga certification is quite different from the standard of yoga certification courses. His method of teaching is largely experiential. The course covers dozens of postures, variations, and flow sequences. Paulie gives some short lectures but mostly he discusses the practice and his teaching methods while actually doing yoga.

An optional book outline is required for certification. There are no written assignments given during the classes. Participants receive a 42 page Teacher Manual which includes over 75 posture illustrations.

Monkey Kung fu

Paulie was privately trained for ten years in Chi kung and three distinct styles of martial arts collectively called Monkey Kung fu. Paulie practiced on cement and his training was very harsh and demanding.  Paulie was never charged for his training. Instead, his master demanded that Paulie compete in dozens of martial art tournaments.

Paulie became a three time International martial arts grand champion renowned for his fluidity, flexibility, artistry and power. He has been inducted into three martial art halls of fame. He has been featured in several martial art training videos and many magazine articles. Paulie is known as “America’s Monkey King.”

Dr. Dave asks, “Paulie, why do students who do your art with some diligence tend to respond so much better than they do with other styles and methods of teaching?”

Paulie: “They respond better because they have fun. I make it so that they’re having fun and enjoying it. But also, they’re unlocking their passion. A lot of people don’t have the passion for what they do until they really experience the animals, the elements, and the flows that opens them up to their primal spirit.

A lot of people think yoga should be real serious and make it a chore. They do this chore for health. But if you look at it as opening up to fun and play with the elements and the animals, I think that brings forth happiness. When you’re happy when you do something and you have a passion for what you’re doing then you’ll do it much better than somebody who does it as a chore for their health.

I see so many people doing yoga and they’re not having a good time doing it. They’re rather staid and reserved. And they’re just going through the motions. There’s no love or passion there. But if you can get the students to feel passion and love for what they’re doing, and to look forward to coming back, then they will grow more and grow faster. I’ve had students tell me how they have had teachers who were really serious and who also gave continuous instruction like make sure you engage this muscle or that muscle, or do this, or think about that. They’re thinking too much. They’re intellectualizing the practice. And they’re training the students to constantly be thinking about what they are doing instead of FEELING what they are doing. I’ve see how when the students are having fun playing, it unlocks their passion, it helps them to learn better. At first they may not have the passion when they come in to class. But once they start to have fun it somehow opens them up like a flower in bloom.”

Yin yoga founder, Paulie Zink is a multifaceted instructor of rare quality. He is a yoga master, a Qigong expert, and an internationally acclaimed martial arts grand champion. The combination of his exceptional background, knowledge, and skill makes him unique among yoga teachers in the Western world. In order to achieve this degree of mastery, he underwent demanding training and esoteric disciplines which emphasized cultivating the felt awareness and embodiment of one’s intuitive, instinctual, and mystical natures. As a result, he can actualize the power and spontaneity, the flowing movement and wild spirit that are inherent in our awakened primal energy. He has been teaching Yin yoga for over 45 years.

“My experience of attending founder Paulie’s Yin yoga workshop was truly an enlightening occasion for me. I perceived Paulie’s teaching to be a physical and spiritual unification through breathing, movement, and complete attention to doing the practice. The most striking element was the focus on awakening, balancing, and flowing energy through the body. This practice facilitates spiritual, physical, and psychological well being and helps us become more aware that we indeed are not separate from the world around us. What was most relevant to me was that all of  Paulie’s teaching was directly experienced by each of us in the workshop. Paulie embodies what he teaches. You can feel his energy. He’s very fluid and open and natural.”
Joe Lanzarolla, M.D.
Pittsburgh, PA

Yin yoga founder



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Dear Paulie, I just wanted to send my gratitude for the Yin yoga workshop weekend at Kripalu – What magic! What fun! I can’t even wrap my mind around what happened in that room.

You are such a gifted teacher and an amazing person. I’m inspired to practice once again and my body feels…free. I am so happy that I was in the program and can’t wait until you come back.

Grace W.

Staff member, Kripalu Center for Yoga, MA

I want to thank you for your teachings at the Omega Institute. The weekend Yin yoga workshop was such a blessing for me. I want to express my gratitude for positively affecting my path so dynamically. I have noticed myself flowing in and out of postures quite naturally while engaged in everyday activities.

What a fun way to move around! You have really impacted our lives. Your style has become a topic of everyday conversation with admiration!

Rose M.

Staff member, Omega Institute, NY

What a wonderful thing you are both doing with The Yin Yoga Institute.

Paulie is one of the most allowing, genuine and generous teachers I’ve ever met.

His suggestion to honor our own flow and creativity has truly been a precious key, I can feel green shoots heading in new directions already. I am so grateful to you.


Santa Monica, CA