My Yin Yoga Practice

I remember a fitness class when I was young, I came out and had to run to the public toilets because I was totally sick, my body had not supported the violence of these practices! And with you, it’s different, even when we talk about building muscle, it’s not done in the name of “holy musculature”, but in the name of a transition between 2 postures, made in the dance of a swimming frog in the air, happy, joyful and funny, aware of her limits because she can – or not – stretch out a leg or turn into a drop of water that sways peacefully in search of her center, and especially of the fact that the posture will be repeated rather than suffering endured. What joy. I see even more the treasures of your teachings when I begin to practice alone.
Then I did the static frog, then with one leg extended to the side. I like to explore this variation because it allows me to work on other aspects than opening the hips, such as using the weight of the body to move from one leg to the other without moving my feet from place to place. It teaches me balance and strength. And each time, I have this joy of returning to gentleness, of not overdoing it, of playing, of seeking joy in these exercises because that is also what you keep reminding me of and which refocuses me.

This is also yoga: exercises to understand the elements in motion, in walking. It’s so fun to do in a group. In your training, it’s a bit like giving us the pieces of a lego set and we can choose to assemble these pieces in many ways, because many creations are possible from them. This practice tells me not to do anything automatic; do not write a presentation text on yoga automatically but seek out my own experience and summarize it, explain it. Do not do automatic exercises but go towards what makes me feel good in the moment.

Alchemy and the Elemental Energies

I watched the video of part 4 of the first day of the Yin Yoga Certification course, I had so much fun listening to Maria’s text on trees, seeing the beautiful sunrise video, and feeling the parallel between your movements and this subtle relationship with the tree. This confirms to me the path to take, the way where to look. Yes, the tree teaches many things. This morning, it is his slowness and his patience that resonate like advice in my ears. I’m a little worried, wondering if I’m going to be able to teach so many subtle things, because I so often feel mentally rigid, I feel so reactive to other people’s emotions and sensitive to their projections.
But I must remember as a mantra-treasure that I want my teaching to be in my image, but with the background that you transmit to me; beneficent, creative, joyful, lively, soft and strong.

My Hopes as a Teacher

I want my students to be able to practice without getting discouraged, without losing patience, and without feeling like a failure, and I also want them to have an experience of relating to themselves and their own strength and their own relationship with the universe, as I feel it so strongly. And I hope that this relationship that they will create will help them heal even more. I am not fooled, I know that I have the enthusiasm like a young child and I must not demand from others what I ask myself (because i want). I must remain calm and I must accept how things are going for everyone.

Marie Stalder’s Yin Journal 
This excerpt is from her Yin Journal post “Jour-1 Part-4”: