The Phoenix is a mythical bird that is reborn from its own ashes; it symbolizes longevity and regeneration. The Phoenix flow embodies the FIRE element, the energetics of rising upward above the earth, of being ungrounded, the quality of lightness and free form spontaneity in movement. Picture yourself running barefoot across a paved parking lot on a very hot summer day; imagine how your feet would barely touch the ground and your gate would be brisk and springy.

The attributes Phoenix flow teaches are about developing strength and fluidity and being light on your feet but which also require strength and balance in order to repeatedly rise up high from low stances and then to drop down again.

 The benefits of this flowing action are to restore our natural ability to move quickly with grace and agility- the way we are meant to as creatures. Yet this potential is often something we have lost as children. When we relearn to move with flow and freedom we return to our primal spirit, we feel at one with our surroundings and in harmony with nature, the way animals are. We remember and FEEL our animal aspect of being in a body.

People in modern society often think that their body is just a vehicle like a machine and our consciousness resides behind our eyes and between our ears. In reality, our consciousness is alive throughout our body and even extends beyond the perceived boundaries of the flesh. Our energetic field emanates outward in all directions and is in constant exchange with the environment.

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