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Yin yoga videos with Paulie Zink featuring Yin yoga DVD previews, Yin yoga Flow demo, and Yin yoga-Kung fu theatrical performance.

“I have been in Yin yoga classes before, however nothing like the home practice I was able to establish with Paulie’s Yin yoga videos. They are well worth the price and more. My flexibility and limb control increased at an amazing rate. I even see an amazing somatic unblocking that has occurred at a very brisk pace


“I watched the Yin yoga videos Live Class Sessions several times to catch all of what Paulie had to say regarding pain management, and variations, etc. I was really pleasantly surprised how casual his classes feel, how Paulie does not get distracted by disturbances from students, and what a charming disposition he has.
Truly a gem!”


 “Paulie Zink is an amazing human being. His self-effacing good nature and obvious enjoyment of Yin yoga make him a great teacher. Paulie makes you feel relaxed and eager to try new things, without being pushy. It’s just fun to watch him teach. And I found that while my other workouts left me feeling exhausted and dragging home, practicing with Paulie Zink leaves me feeling better than I have in years.”

Simon Wall, M.D.

Yin Yoga Trilogy DVD:

Core & Balance

Back & Shoulders

Hips & Legs

Yin Yoga Flow demonstration is included on Paulie’s “Yin Yoga Beginners” DVD

“Yin Yoga Basics” DVD

Yin Yoga Boogie- just for kicks!

“Yin Yoga Live- Sessions 1-4” DVDs with Paulie Zink

“Yin Yoga Beginner’s” DVD with Paulie Zink

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“FUN, FLEXIBLE FLOW” with Paulie Zink

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