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Methods to increase range of motion, height and fluidity for a variety of kicking angles, and how to make stances lower and easier to hold and transitions from stance to stance smoother.

Running time 1:47



Learn how to roll with the punches! This will include ways to enhance agility and efficiency for ground rolling in all directions and for gracefully and quickly getting back on your feet.

Running time 1:14



Drills for strikes, circular chops, and punches, plus exercises for torso rotation, wrist flexibility, and relaxing the neck and shoulder muscles.

Running time 1:53



Improving flexibility reduces the potential for pulling muscles during workouts and sparing. We will also cover conditioning exercises for tempering the bones and strengthening the joints.

Running time 1:49




I attended Paulie’s Yin Yoga Teacher Training; and I’ll say this: Monkey Kung fu Master Paulie Zink is an animal. Actually, based on how he can move, he’s the embodiment of of all sorts of animals and creatures. He can put himself into any animal posture he wants with uncanny flexibility, mobility and strength. Most importantly, he can show you how to do the same regardless of what you’ve been told about limiting bone structures and other tall tales. As a result of his training your life, your health and your fitness will dramatically improve. I’ve been following Paulie Zink and his Monkey Kung fu for years but after meeting him in person I was astounded, not only by his mastery, but by his incredible teaching ability. He can show you how to get to the next level in your journey, starting you at your current level, with simple postures and movements that will undoubtedly take you to peaks you may have previously thought impossible.

Matt Furey,  Author of Combat Conditioning
Winner the 1985 NCAA II National Wrestling title (167-pounds)
Gold medal (90kg) 1997 Shuai-Chiao Kung fu World Championships

Monkey Kung fu Master Paulie Zink
~ known as America’s “Monkey King” ~

Paulie Zink’s Honors

Hall of Fame
Kung Fu Artist of the Year, 1989
Black Belt

Hall of Fame
Lifetime Achievement Award, 1987
Martial Arts Magazine

Hall of Fame
Competitor of the Year, 1983
Inside Kung Fu Magazine

Long Beach International Karate Championships, CA
(Non Combative Divisions)
Grand Champion Empty Hands
1981, 1982
Grand Champion Weapons
1981, 1982, 1983


Paulie Zink starred in two separate series of Monkey Kung fu and yoga training videos produced by Panther Productions (8 titles, 1986-1992) and Unique Publications (7 titles, 2002)

Paulie Zink has been featured in numerous articles published in the major martial arts magazines from 1982 through the 1990’s.

Paulie has co-authored two books on Monkey Kung fu:

Monkey Kung Fu
By Paulie Zink & Michael Ganzalez
Unique Publications, 1986
The History of Monkey Kung fu
By Paulie Zink & Michael Matsuda
monkey kung fu video

“This was possible because of Paulie”

The following is a testimonial by Paulie’s student Brian Monnier, Martial Artist, Yoga and Fitness Trainer,
owner of school in San Francisco:

I started teaching yoga after sustaining injuries in martial arts. I have been a yoga teacher and fitness instructor for 20 years and I can safely say that Paulie’s influence and his teachings have completely transformed my body.

I have been a martial artist now for 30 years. Since I started at 17, I have known about Paulie, his Monkey Kung fu and Yin yoga, and had always wanted to learn from him.

My martial arts practice has been completely changed after working with Paulie over the last year and a half in his monthly Zoom yoga classes. And the change in my body has been considerable.

Even though I have been a fitness instructor and yoga teacher for two decades, the influence of what he teaches and how it has affected my body so that I can move freely within my martial arts is just simply amazing.

Everything Paulie teaches can be broken down or elevated in a way that makes whatever movement you want to do completely possible.

Everything that Paulie has taught me made it possible for me to do this Kung fu demonstration form at peak performance, at 49 years of age, and not mess myself up.

It’s been ten years since I’ve done a public demo and not only was I able to perform with more power and speed, but I was able to NOT get those tweaks that happen during athletics which often leave you debilitated for weeks.

I cannot express enough how much of a difference Paulie ‘s work can make in your body. He is kind, knowledgeable and the things he can do not only with his own body, but lead you to do with your own body, is simply impressive.

Master Zink is a rare example of a teacher who is able to provide for all levels experience in his classes- from beginner to advanced, he can meet you at the level YOU are at.

And the stuff that this guy can do with his body….

Seriously, I’m always left with “How does he do it??”

Spend some time with him. And everything in your practice and life will change.

Paulie Zink Yin Yoga Founder

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Paulie Zink’s Yin Yoga Teacher Training workshops, Yin Yoga Certification Courses, Yin Yoga DVDs, and other inquiries, please contact Maria Zink at