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Take a pose on the wild side! Learn a variety of animal based yoga postures and movements for the whole body, such as the Whale, Komodo Dragon, Snake, Frog, and Bear. Engage in an exciting exploration of our primal spirit in this dynamic and playful practice. “Paulie’s Yin yoga online classes are always so much fun, like some fantastic journey inside the body, but somehow everywhere else at the same time.”
Nikki Strong

Open to all levels.

Price $20 per month
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12 pm – 1 pm Mountain Time USA
(UTC-7  standard, UTC-6 Daylight)
8 pm – 9 pm Central Europe Time

Live Classes are on ZOOM

Dates (Saturdays) 2023
Feb 4                             Aug 5
March 4                       Sept 9
April 1                            Oct 7
April 29                           Nov 4
June 10                        Dec 2
July 8

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$20.00 USD

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 “Paulie Zink is an amazing human being. His self-effacing good nature and obvious enjoyment of Yin yoga make him a great teacher. Paulie makes you feel relaxed and eager to try new things, without being pushy. It’s just fun to watch him teach. And I found that while my other workouts left me feeling exhausted and dragging home, practicing with Paulie Zink leaves me feeling better than I have in years.”

Simon Wall, M.D.